Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas Sector being the core of our primary development is still responsible for the majority of our activities.

Our Oil and Gas division, employing at around 300 highly skilled and experienced professionals, is in charge of construction activities. It serves the industry worldwide, through either direct presence or through some of our international partners.

Our O&G activities cover the supply and installation of mechanical equipment, pipelines, electrical equipment, installations, instrumentation, electronics, safety systems, corrosion protection systems, painting, insulation and other industrial works.

We are also leaders and coordinators of a number of companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in the above fields and are capable of undertaking major grass root works and major revamp projects.

Mechanical Works​

Looking back at the early days of development of Bosna-S when mechanical works were mainly concentrated around labor-intensive overhaul and maintenance activities, today the company has grown into a major market player in this field offering a wide range of full-scale complex services. The range of services kicks-off with the erection and installation of complex equipment such as gas turbines, power generators and pumping facilities and covers virtually all kinds of mechanical erection and installation works such as vessel and tank construction, erection of pipelines, down to standard daily structural steel erection.

Since mechanical erection works require rather high standards as to the equipment required, Bosna-S has applied a dedicated policy of securing adequate lifting and jacking equipment, welding equipment and accessories, cutting and tooling machines, thus allowing us to undertake challenging tasks and to deliver the high quality of service that has fulfilled the expectations of our clients thus far. Being fully mobilized and equipped at various locations we are able to respond timely to any request of our valued clients and pledge to continue delivering the high level of service that we have been delivering in the past.

All construction services are fully supported by our Project Management teams, and our Engineering and Procurement departments, thus enabling us to offer EPC – turnkey jobs to our valued Clients.

Electrical Works

In parallel with mechanical works, Bosna-S has also been developing its activities in the field of electrical erection and installation networks. 

These activities cover the construction of transformer sub-stations, switch yards, installation of power distribution systems, high voltage overhead lines, lighting systems, earthing systems. 

Lightning protection, telephone systems, erection of transformers, erection and connection of generators windings, as well as installation and supply of control panels, measuring and protection setting and coordination also form part of the wide range of services offered. 

All installed equipment is subjected to functional test carried out by our specialists according to the technical requirements and with adequate testing instruments. 

The installed equipment is put into operation either by our own staff or in co-operation with equipment suppliers.